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The commercial landscape has evolved at a staggering pace, not only in the past years, but especially in the past months. A the centre of these changes are your customers, and their behaviours evolve with each new technology cycle and market shift. 

These changes have a profound impact on how your future clients research and consume information as well as how they buy products, share their experience and influence your brand. For companies, this means continuously adapting their marketing strategies and tactics while exploring new venues, not only to survive but to strive.

However, keeping up the pace can feel overwhelming! And it requires ever more specialised knowledge, from understanding and identifying the new customer journey to the implementation of marketing technologies (MarTech) and the subtleties of the latest social media channel.

We are here to help!

... by combining our deep expertise with the latest scientific research!

In the past 15 years, Marc Lounis has acquired a broad expertise in marketing and customer behaviour by working for and with major brands like Swisscom, Peugeot, Postauto, Formex Watches, Milus, PSA Retail or Quickline. But he also worked with small local businesses and startups in various industries which gives him a broader perspective at marketing.

But marketing is not only a matter of field experience! A lot of academic research has been done in the past years to better understand how economic and social sciences can help marketers influence consumer behaviour. And we have done some published research too.

By incorporating the latest findings in our work with our clients, we can help you unlock the power of digital and social media. 



Identifying and understanding your customer aspirations is essential to your success and is the foundation of our approach. We help you gather  external and analysing internal data sources.



Your customer's experience is the sum of all interactions with your brand's touch points. We help you choose the right channels and implement activities that crate value for your customers.



Implementation and operations management can be intimidating and often requires specific knowledge. We know the tools and we know the drill to get you those results faster.

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