May 18, 2021

Marketing Buzzwords Debunked

by marc

Do you know what ToFu means?

Or what a Lead Magnet is?

If your answer is NO, and you speak German, then "Marketing Buzzword Debunked" is what you need.

"MARKETING BUZZWORDS DEBUNKED" is a marketing compilation book aimed at anyone who wants to keep a cool head in the ever-growing marketing buzzword jungle. Currently the book is only available in German on

But "MARKETING BUZZWORDS DEBUNKED" is more than just a marketing book. It's an international collaboration of 44 co-authors and marketing experts, under the lead of 2 the best-selling authors Markus Rach and Michaela Schäfer. And all for a good cause!

All proceeds from the book will go to Arosa Bärenland and Save the Children International

I’m humbled and blessed to be part of this great marketing collaboration by authoring 17 out of the 471 Buzzwords. But more on that later.

If you are a student, marketing professional, entrepreneur or manager and you ever asked what does ZMOT or SERP means, then this book is for you. In this new edition, you'll find 471 buzzwords explained in an understandable and short way.

In addition, many Buzzwords have helpful tips from experts in their respective fields as well as links to resources and mini case studies. 

So go get your copy of MARKETING BUZZWORDS DEBUNKED today! You’ll learn a few things and do good… Isn’t that what marketing is all about 😉

As mentioned earlier I've personally authored the following 17 Buzzwords:

  • AB Testing (p. 7)
  • AdBlocking (p. 16)
  • BoFu (p. 91)
  • Buyer Persona (p. 108)
  • CpA (p. 167)
  • CpC (p. 169)
  • Cpl (p. 171)
  • CpL (p. 172)
  • CpM (p. 173)
  • Dark Social (p. 202)
  • Earned Media (p. 253)
  • Inbound Marketing (p. 323)
  • Lead Magnet (p. 359)
  • MoFu (p. 424)
  • Owned Media (p. 461)
  • Paid Media (p. 470)
  • ToFu (p. 611)

By now your only excuse not to hop over to Amazon and buy the book, is that you're not speaking German.

If that's the case and you need help with your digital marketing, we can help. Get in touch and let's see how we can help you harness the power of digital marketing.

Take Care

Shout out to the rock star co-authors: Alessandro Spataro, Alex Schoepf, Alexander Linder, Alper Kaya, Andreas Bildstein, Annika Björck, Antonio Kulhanek, Baschi Sale, Benjamin Sen, Berin Sadikovic, Cécile Zachlod, Christian Huldi, Christian Fillinger, Florian Schönmann, Francesca Lordache, Frederik Schafmeister, Heike Walliser-Zott, Heini Meier, Holger Schroth, Isabella Potzmann, Lea Bachmann, Lisa Steger, Lukas Nussbaum, Lukas Schönwetter, Madeleine Ha-Kopal, Marion Schmitz, Maximilian Wolf, Michael Legler, Michel Sidler, Nicole Fischer, Pascal Jenny, Patrick Kramer, Patrik Borosch, Raimund Darnhofer, Sina-Christin Wilk, Simone Thomas, Stefan Müller, Stefan Ringbeck, Stéphane Marino, Tanja Hagenbuch and Telma Matos.


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